For Filing Petition at the SC for DHFL Case: Necessary Documents


Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted on 01/08/2021

Updated on 01/10/2021

A) There are many confusions among the members. I’ll try to solve only two confusions:

  1. You’ve to pay Rs. 5000 per customer ID (not per FD)
  2. It is a well-drafted case at the SC between Dr. Debaprasad Bandyopadhyay and Ors. & the Union of India regarding the very legitimacy or constitutionality of the IBC⤡(vide i) Standing Committee’s Report on the IBC, Parliament of India ⤡ ; ii) IBC: Govt. working with RBI on CoC’s conduct⤡)

B) Send the following mail to the DHFL Team:

Email Body/Body of the Letter:

Kindly stand informed that the payment received, if any, in pursuance of the Resolution Plan approved by the NCLT vide order dated 07.06.2021, shall be received in protest and treated as part payment of the full refund of the deposit of FD amount, as per the statutory guarantee under RBI…

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