Respected President of India, Think Twice Before Annihilating DHFL FD & NCD-Holders: a #Campoal petition


Once in a Blue Moon Academia

Posted on 21/04/2021


After Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited (DHFL, once it was AAA+ rated company) was referred to the IBC on 22 November 2019, the RBI appointed a Committee of Creditors (COC). The COC planfully, in a pre-determined way, deprive FD and NCD Holders for handling it over to a particular company (Piramal Capital and Housing Finance Limited), following the authoritarian rituals of monopoly and crony capitalism as it exists in contemporary oligarchic Indian political economy. Therefore, the FD and NCD-holders of the DHFL are now victims of simulated financial abuse and suffering from extreme pecuniary miseries and psychosomatic disorders (especially in the context of Pandemic) due to the non-payment of their hard-earned money. For more details, kindly view the following hyperlinks:


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